Thursday, April 6, 2017


           In the book Redwall, nothing interesting is happening. Until I reached the end of the chapter. You see, a family is being held prisoners at the base where Cluny's army is at. And Matthias wants to go save them, however the Abbot and all the elders are telling him not to do anything because attacking a base full of enemies is not worth it. Then Matthias went to the statue of Martin the Warrior, and he was wondering what he would of done. After that, Cornflower (a girl he knew, who works at a farm) tells him that he his none like anyone else, and that he is a warrior. These statements motivate Matthias, and he stands up with his chin high. I think this is foreshadowing that he will go to that base and fight everyone to save that family.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

No fighting action?!

            They have let Cluny enter Redwall to talk to the Abbot. The conversation was full of threats. However, I didn't quite understand why did they just not fight. And also Cluny saw a dream that showed all the bad things he has done over his lifetime. And there was a mouses shadow in the dream and I think it's Matthias. I think it's Matthias because people have been telling him that he is like Martin the warrior, and he was very confident in arguing with Cluny. Well let's keep reading and find out!

A New Hero?!

                A man has told Matthias that Martin the warrior was as young as he is. He also said that his actions are similar to Martin's. This gets me thinking that maybe Matthias will become a new warrior. Also Cluny (the bad guy) has just received a new army of rats, and they have planned to attack Redwall. One of the only people in Redwall that speaks sense is Matthias, so I think he will become Redwall's next warrior!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three Reasons Why The Giver Book is Better Than The Movie

Three Reasons Why The Giver Book is Better Than The Movie
The book and the movie both show the main idea that the story was heading towards but in slightly different ways. The book stands out between the two because in the book, the community isn’t shown as evil as it does in the movie. Remember that the goal of the community with sameness was to be more safe. In the movie Asher, one of Jonas’s best friend, uses his plane to throw Jonas in the water after they found him. The purpose of that was to kill him. That doesn’t look like an action that a community whose goal is safety, would do. They were trying to create a conflict between the community and Jonas. This may be also why the movie is told in first person rather than 3rd person. This changes the idea that's in your mind when you watch the movie. If someone watches this movie before he has ever heard of or read the book. He will mostly see the conflict between the community and Jonas, with a little bits of stuff from the book.
What I dislike about the movie is that Asher is a pilot. Asher is known for not knowing all the words that a person should know. And now he is all serious and now he has the privilege to fly drones! The only reason why they put Asher as a pilot is to create another conflict. The conflict between Jonas and Asher. This didn’t add anything to story, and it just seemed like extra. In the book Asher is a park recreation manager and that suits his personality way better than a pilot.
Another thing that really makes no sense for this movie to have is Jonas’s and Fiona’s relationship. It has nothing to do with the actual purpose of the story, and it doesn’t make the movie any better. Also when Jonas and Fiona go down that big arch, why did the chief elder discuss this with The Giver. They should of tried to make a connection with Jonas himself with The Giver. Keep in mind all this going down the arch is not in the book. Yes I do understand how the relationship relates to having emotions, but Jonas has already seen the memory of emotions and Fiona doesn't understand it at all. That makes it even worse!
          Overall the book stands out compared to the movie because of these three reasons. One being that the movie shows the community being evil. Second, that someone like Asher is a pilot. Third is the relationship between Jonas and Fiona. All three of these things are only incorporated in the movie. Also overall the movie contains too many changes, and those changes kind of change the whole idea of the story. That's what the book is better than the movie.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Conflict in sight?!

              Today I read a book called Redwall. At the moment, the main character Matthias has seen a couple of crimes. In this society where he lives, there is no violence. This alerts the elders and the Abbot. This story seems very interesting because we also know of this one man who has been told in legends about how bad of a person he is. Matthias has described the rat he saw at the crime, and the Abbot has said that that is how the legend describes him. Now I am seeing a future conflict here between that man and this society. However what I noticed was that they didn't say anything about defending the society. They decided to only be ready.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Grandmother's Story

Grandmother’s Story

As I get ready to do the interview I turn on my phone’s recording app. I call my grandmother on the phone. As she picked up I asked her if she could do a interview for my english class. She was fine with it. I was wondering if she remembered most of her childhood. She said that she did. I was excited to hear her story, since her age is 78 years old! When she was around 30 years old she knew a lot of english, since she was a principal for an elementary school. However nowadays she doesn’t know much english anymore, because of that my mother translated whatever she said to english. I chose my grandmother because first, she is the only person in the family that I know of that is older than 63 years old, and second I knew she was going to have a very good story. My grandmother is very forgiving, and I wish I can be like that one day. That’s one the biggest reasons I look up to her. My grandmother is also very intelligent. She passed 12th grade back then, (12th grade was a college level, high school ended at the end of 10th grade) and hardly anyone back then passed 12th grade. Then I asked my first question.

Q: How was a day in a life during 7th grade?

A: “My life was very simple. I went to school. I lived in a town named Nagina, India and I went to school on a wood wagon (carriage), and instead of a animal pulling the wagon it was a man who pulled it. I basically came home and I did my homework, then I played with my friends outside.”  

      “Was this, after WW2 or before?”, I asked. “It was after WW2, the british have already left”, she answered.”I went to Pakistan in 1957, so I did most of my education in India”, she continued.

Q: How is it different today from back then?

A: “This was after WW2 in present India and back then life was very slow, now life is different. Everyone lived very peacefully together. There wasn’t a telephone in every house, hardly one person had a telephone in a neighborhood, and now everyone has a phone! Also there wasn’t any electricity in every household. Now life is very fast!”

Q: What were your top priorities back then?

A: “My top priority was to get an education. My father was well educated. I loved to study! In the night when our whole family came together I read storybooks aloud. There was no light in our house, so we used lanterns. However not normal lanterns, we have to use a certain type of oil to light up the lantern. I learned to knit and sew in high school and I loved it!”

“What were your goals back then?”, I asked.”I loved to study, so all I did was usually study and play with my friends”, she answered.

Q: How did your life change throughout your life?

A: “When I passed 10th grade I moved to the new 10 year old Pakistan. A that time I was 18 years old. My life changed entirely when I arrived in Pakistan. It was more developed compared to where I used to live. After a year passed I got married. This was in 1958. After marriage I completed my educated. I redid my 10th grade test and I passed in first division.”(First division was one of the grades back then compared to our percentage, first division is 60% to 100%. Then second division is 42% to 59%, and third division is 33% to 42%, anything below that is a fail.)” Then I passed the 12th grade test in first division. Then I had a teaching job as a principal at a elementary school.”

“What were the differences when you were young compared to now?”, I asked.” When I was young I went to school, I played a lot. However when I got older and I entered high school I started to knit and sew, This was in 9th grade.”, she answered.

Q: How is technology different now compared to back then?

A: “That time there was no electricity in my house, but we rented our front part of our house, so the tenant made a water flour mill. It look the water flow pressure to spin a big crafted rock that grinded wheat and corn. This mill can also make electricity, so our tenant put this in our front part of our house. And all night it grinded wheat, schich made flour and it also produced electricity. They only work at night. During the night we had a wire that was connected to a light bulb. This bulb would light up all night. This mill also produced corn oil. Also we got hot water to use for our household work (kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, etc.)

When the interview finished, I thanked my grandmother for letting me interview her. She was happy that I thanked her, and after that we ended the call. I was very surprised that my grandmother lived in an environment with no electricity and no wifi. I learned a lot of new things about my grandmother's life, and I hope you did as well.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Cerebrum

           The human brain is made of three parts the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. The forebrain includes the cerebrum, thalamus, and hypothalamus. The midbrain has the tectum and tegmentum. The hindbrain is made of the cerebellum, pons, and medulla. Today I'll focus on the cerebrum because it's the largest part of the human brain. It's also known as the cerebral cortex. It's divided into four sections called lobes. The frontal lobe, parietal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. What the frontal lobe does is associate with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving. The parietal lobe associates with orientation, the perception of stimuli. While the occipital lobe associates with visual processing. The temporal lobe associates with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech. Those are the parts of the cerebrum and what they do.

This is a graph of the lobes of the cerebrum.

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